Fit during Lockdown

Spartan Security assigned to MEDIACUBES

The ancient Greeks famously manifested: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. During the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis and the #stayhome practice tactfully followed by MEDIACUBE employees, this ancient adage became relevant more than ever!

We are not fans of doing things unorganized whether we are practising advanced performance marketing techniques, or just planning for our “sweet 16 party”, so staying fit, could not be an exception. So we consulted a professional to draft a fitness plan that could help us remain fit in the lockdown period. So here is the proposed exercise program that also became a groovy habit that we definitely plan to keep.


Step 1: Placing our hands to the ground, making sure our elbows are in line with our shoulders.

Step 2: Lifting our knees and placing our feet back so that our weight falls just below our toes. First of all, making sure our body is in a straight line and holding this position for 1 minute.


Step 1: Lying on all fours with our hands under our shoulders and knees along our hips. Lifting our knees and bringing our legs back so that the weight fell just below our toes. Hands and body being in the same line.

Step 2: Benting our elbows by bringing our body to the ground. Straightening our elbows again to return to our original position. 10 repetitions were good.


Step 1: Standing with our feet open and our knees slightly bent.

Step 2: Benting our knees and lowering our body until our thighs are parallel to the ground. Lifting our body again. 20 repetitions are ok.


Step 1: Putting our hands on our hips and our right foot a few inches ahead of our left.

Step 2: Benting our right knee bringing it in the same line as the ankle. Lowering our hips and bringing our left knee to the ground.

Step 3: Straightening our right knee and returning to our starting position. 15 repetitions and then the same with the left leg.

5) ABS

Step 1: Lying down with our face facing up and joining our hands behind our head. Gathering our legs towards our chest and lifting our head, neck and shoulders off the floor.

Step 2: Turning our torso to the right and bringing our left elbow to our right knee. At the same time stretching our left leg and then returning to our original position. Repeating to the left. 20 repetitions are good.


Step 1: Lying with our face down and our arms outstretched. Slightly lifting our arms, head, chest and legs off the floor, keeping the main torso (middle pelvis) glued to the floor. Holding this position for one breath, squeezing our hips inwards and slowly returning to our original position. 20 repetitions for us!


Step 1: Lying on our back with our arms at our sides while our knees were bent and our feet on the floor.

Step 2: Then lifting our hips to the ceiling. Holding it for a while and then lowering it.


Walking was our ideal solution between limited time and hard work. It was the most relaxing and easy way to lose extra pounds, as constant movement contributed to better metabolism and fat burning, keeping our body mass index at normal levels. A moderate-intensity walk helped us burn about 300 calories an hour.

Staying fit, like most things in life, is not a sprint but a marathon instead. We are fans of the 20 mile march approach greatly presented by Jim Collins.

So Keep Calm and stay fit!